HOANG NGUYEN E&C is pleased to cooperate with you & committed to deliver the best qualified M&E system with the high aesthetic & most economical solutions.

Air conditioning

Hoang Nguyen E&C is the contractor specializing in the construction of Air conditioning & Ventilation systems for office buildings, showrooms, factories, renovated interior etc.

Electrical System

Hoang Nguyen E&C is a contractor specializing in construction of electric and motive power systems for office buildings, villas, factories, workshops, showrooms etc.

Fire Protection

Fire resisting systems and Fire protection system built by Hoang Nguyen E&C: Fire alarm control panel, Automatic fire sprinkler system, Firefighting system with CO2, Gas.

Why Choose Us?

1. Good Services

Hoang Nguyen E&C always takes care of customer’s benefits and question: Which outstanding benefits do customers receive on cooperating with Hoang Nguyen E&C, that differentiates from other competitors? That is the reason why Hoang Nguyen E&C is always happy and enthusiastic in consulting, designing and estimating in order to offer the best solutions for the best satisfaction of customers.
During the construction stage, we always keep updating the projects and listen to customers’ feedback to adjust and solve the occurred problems in order to ensure the absolute satisfaction on experiencing Hoang Nguyen’s products and services.
Free warrantee and maintenance during the first year. Hoang Nguyen E&C will maintain the systems without fee during the first year (twice) in order to ensure everything working stably without customers’ worries.

2. Good Quality

“Handsome is as handsome does”, which in this case quality is better than appearance. However, both quality and appearance are good. Beside good services (which is compared as ‘appearance’), Hoang Nguyen E&C also pays attention to the quality of the technical construction. Techniques are, on the other hand, supposed to be the best. That is the reason why Hoang Nguyen E&C engineers have been trained in famous Universities and all of the construction team members are highly skillful. In addition, Hoang Nguyen E&C staff is constantly striving to learn day to day to ensure being updated the latest products and technologies, and more knowledge to offer the best qualified construction.

3. Competitive Prices

Beside Good Service – Good Technology, Hoang Nguyen E&C also put prices of products and services into our concern. We make sure best prices not for competition but customers’ benefits.
In order to achieve this mission, Hoang Nguyen E&C is always willing to negotiate with suppliers to get good prices as well as apply technology in management in order to minimize the managerial costs.
Hoang Nguyen E&C staff is also aware of this and constantly improve the work efficiency to optimize the performance and working time.

4. Project Progress Assurance

We recognize that the sonner the investor can put all of the construction into operation as soon as possible, the more profits they can get. Therefore, Hoang Nguyen E&C is always committed to be able to complete the works in the shortest time by applying supporting devices and advanced technologies made by developed countries such as Japan, Australia etc. to carry out the works.

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